What is and why should use WORDPRESS?

WordPress is an open source software (Open Source Software 1) written in the PHP website programming language and uses the MySQL database management system; is also the most commonly used website programming language. WordPress was first launched on May 27, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Currently, WordPress is owned and developed by Automattic, a San Francisco, California-based company based in the United States.

WordPress is an open source PHP language that supports the creation of personal blogs, and it is endorsed by many users for their ease of use and useful features. Over time, the number of users has increased, collaborators are also programmers involved in the development of WordPress source code has added great features. By the time of this writing in 2015, WordPress has been viewed as a superior Content Management System (CMS) to help users create a variety of website types such as blogs, websites. business information, e-commerce, even for high-end websites such as hotel reservations, car rental, real estate projects, etc. Almost every kind of website with small and medium size can be deployed on WordPress platform.

But that does not mean that WordPress is only suitable for small projects, but now there are about 25% of websites in the list of 100 largest websites use WordPress source code. For example, TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz, etc. can not be counted.


With a regular website, it will consist of the following components:

  • Front-end: This is what we see as the layout, the color of the website. This part is called interface and it is classified as the front-end of a website.
  • Backend: Like a machine, in order for it to function as we see it, there must be an internal system for processing. For example, when you enter the website you press the registration button, how the system can store your information, the source code will be processed.
  • Database: With today’s web sites, there will be an indispensable part of the database. The database will store the site’s soft data such as article data, website content, or settings, and so on. The source code only stores files of source code, image files.

So to build a website, we have to do these three parts with high complexity and strict security requirements. But with the help of WordPress, this work has been made available and we just use it for running.

Achievement of WORDPRESS

  • In the world, there are about 25 articles posted on websites using WordPress per second.
  • The number of websites made by WordPress accounts for 27% of the total number of websites in the world.
  • Of the 100% of websites using CMS source code, WordPress accounts for 60%.
  • WordPress has been translated into 169 languages, including the fully translated English version.
  • Only free themes (or themes) for free on the WordPress.org library have more than 2,700 different themes.

You see, WordPress is great, is not it?


  • Easy to use
  • Large community support
  • Many interface packages are available
  • Many plugins support
  • Easy development for programmers
  • Support multiple languages
  • Can make many types of website

In this article, you will understand how WordPress is and can start with it if you are interested. Take a look at the articles in the next section, you will understand more about WordPress and gradually into the installation.

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